Monitor your crop through a smarter lensBloom Vision: plant health AI


Continuous thermal analysis to pre-detect the signs of mold

Yield booster

Using your plants true leaf temperature for live monitoring of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)

Microclimate Detector

Identify beneficial and harmful microclimates in your greenhouse


…VPD control…promotes plant growth and productivity by improving photosynthesis

- Lu, N. et al. (2015). Control of vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in greenhouse enhanced tomato growth and productivity during the winter season. Scientia Horticulturae, 197, 17–23.

Plant Canopy Coverage

  1. Easy to install turnkey hardware
  2. Collect live environmental and canopy data
  3. Analyze crop data and generate health-related insights using our proprietary algorithms and sensors

Right data. Right time.

  • Take corrective actions to continously improve outputs of all growing locations
  • Complete with mobile applications, delivering notifications and insights straight to your phone, tablet, or large screen display
  • Analyze historic data & develop standard operating procedures for reoccurring issues


  • WIFI
  • 110V Standard Outlet


  • Designed with Growers
  • Millions of data points scanned per month
  • Small compact size
  • Monitor humidity, light, surface & local air temperature

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At Bloom we are a passionate team of designers, engineers, and developers based out of Toronto working to bring you the best in farming solutions. Our mission is to equip and empower Growers with better data so that they can prevent potential costly losses and optimize growing environments for greater yields.